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Sell at Auction


To sell with Alfa Numismatics is a very simple process.

As a starting point we kindly ask you to send os clear pictures and description of the coins you are thinking of selling. You are welcome to contact us by telephone, email or use our contact form. here. Afterwards and within a short period of time we will contact you with a noncommittal preliminary valuation.


Following items are sought after for auction:

  • Ancient Greek coins. Bronze, silver and gold
  • Better Roman coins. Bronze, silver and gold
  • Better Byzantine coins. Bronze, silver and gold
  • European medieval coins
  • English and Scandinavian viking age and medieval coins
  • Bigger collection of old coins


Ancient coins with provenance are in particular sought after and can be sold for better prices than similar without. We are therefor very interested in coins with old pedigrees.


Why sell with Alfa Numismatics?


Alfa Numismatics holds online auctions many times every year. We offer low commission fees for everything consigned. Additionally we promise that the consigned material does not sell below what was agreed with the consignor and adjusted to the current market value. In short we treat the consigned coins as they were ours.



Descriptions and photographing

All coins will be in detail described and researched to the highest industry standard. If the consigned material has potential for "forgotten" provenances it will be researched. All coins will be photographed under optimal conditions which secures the best possible pictures for potential buyer to look at.


Global exposure

Auctions will be internationally marketed in multiple numismatics journals, numismatics sites, social media and newsletters which secures exposure to a client base world wide.


Fast financial settlement

We strive to sell the consigned material as fast as possible which usually means within one month. This also means that the financial settlement can done within 14 days after the auction has ended.


How does it work?


  1. Initial contact - Valuation

Contact us to get an informal first talk about consignment. Good pictures er very much welcomed. Alfa Numismatics sends an initial valuation. The final valuation will always be depending on the condition that we see the coin/coins in hand.


  1. Shipment of coin/coins

The coin/coins are shipped to Alfa Numismatics or a meeting is agreed where the coin/coins can be handed over.


  1. Contract

A contract is sent to the consignor which describes Alfa Numismatics obligations and responsibility that protects the consignor and us. The contract includes pictures and a small description of the consigned material.


  1. Cataloging and description

The coin/coins are cataloged, described and photographed and are now ready to be sold.


  1. Presale reporting

The consignor receives a presale report and last minute adjustments can be made.


  1. Auction day

The auction can be followed online.


  1. Settlement

The consignor receives a settlement with information of what was sold.


  1. Payment

The payment is transferred to the consignors bank account.


If you are in doubt you are always welcome to contact us.