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Alfa Numismatics is a newly started company with focus on classic numismatics. We are out of a second generation numismatist family that has been involved in Danish and foreign numismatics since the late 1970s. We have 20 years of experience as collectors of ancient and medieval numismatics and after numerous years in the private sector we decided to become professional numismatist.

We are based online which secures a flexible access to auctions and reduces cost in favor of our clients. In the long term we are considering publishing auction catalogs and holding physical auctions when it becomes feasible.




Our vision is to show the direction we want to run our business. It is a reference point for decisions and describes our goals for the company.

  • We will work to become recognized and to be one of the first companies that collectors think of when they want to buy and sell coins.
  • We will work to become an essential player on the Scandinavian numismatic auction market.
  • We will work to get quality coins and collection for auctions.
  • We will work for the hightest level of reliable costumer service with clients in the center.
  • We will work for a continuous responsible business




Alfa Numismatics wants to be the best auction in Scandinavia with high level of integrity and obligations to sellers, buyers and numismatist in general.