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Q & A

Q & A


Auction - Selling

Which items can be sold at auction?

  • In general every numismatic material could be sold. What is in particular in demand can be viewed here.


How often do you hold auctions?

  • We strive to hold auctions every three months. However, if there is material for more or for a specialized sale it can be customized.


How fast is the financial settlement?

  • We strive to settle all finance within 30 days.


If you do not have a brick and motor shop where can I hand over coins for auction?

  • As Alfa Numismatics works to keep costs down for the benefit of customers, we unfortunately do not have an office at the moment where you can meet us. If it is about consigning collections, we are happy to come to you. In the case of better single coins, it can be discussed in details how a submission can be made.


Auction - Buying

Are the coins genuine?

  • YES all coins are guaranteed to be genuine. If a coin after auction is determined a forgery buy a recognized expert the coin be returned and the full amount is returned.


How do I bid?

  • Alfa Numismatics use the Biddr platform for online auction. A guide how to use and register can be seen here. If there are further question Alfa Numismatics can always be contacted


How can I view the coins before the auction?

  • Unfortunately we can not guarantee that the coins can be viewed before the auction. We kindly ask you to contact us to request viewing. Additional photos can be requested


When are the auctions online?

  • The auctions are typically online a month in advance


Will a catalog be published?

  • As a starting point there will be no printed catalog. However, if a collection "demands" it and it is agreed with the consignor it can be arranged.


How do I pay for the lots I won?

  • Payment can be performed via Biddr platform. It is also possible to transfer funds to our bank account.


How are the coins shipped?

  • The coins are sent by courier or postal service with full insurance for the purchase price. Personal pick up can be arranged in special cases. Contact us for more information about this.


General quesitons

I am looking for a specific coin. Does Alfa Numismatics have a stock or can you find it for me?

  • Alfa Numismatics has a wide network and is offered many coins. We can therefore look for specific coins. Please contact us with information of what your are searching for.  


Can I use pictures from Alfa Numismatic's auction?

  • Yes. As long s Alfa Numismatics is being credited.


Which coin show do Alfa Numismatics attend?

  • Alfa Numismatics strives to participate in all large European coins show. Please look at the Calender section for upcoming shows. here.


In the description of the coins you write “AR Penny (19mm, 1.32 g, 7h)”. What does “7h” mean?

  • 7h tells the stamp position of the obverse in relation to the reverse on a 12 hour dial.


Where do the coins come from?

  • The coins come from a variety of different consignors around Europe.


You write Good, Fine, Very Fine, Extremely Fine as conditions. What does this mean?

  • The conditions on the coins are divided after the following:



Uncirculated (UNC)


Uncirculated coin with full luster, that with age can become natural patina. The coin must be minted with fresh dies so that al details appear. There can be some small scratches and nicks from the minting process.

Extremely Fine (EF)


A coin with partial preserved luster and without significant wear. It has been minimally circulated or minted with minimally worn dies.

Very Fine (VF)


Coin without luster and with clear signs of wear after circulation.

Fine (F)


A coin with wear on pretty much every detail after being in circulation. However, all the details can still be seen clearly.

Very Good (VG)


A somewhat worn coin, where virtually all the details of the coin are flat-worn without being completely missing.

Good (G)


A very worn coin, where pretty much every detail is almost completely worn out.